Quality from the beginning to the end



The BO.MA brand is synonymous with excellence and reliability in the field of double-sided adhesives, and the whole company team continuously strives to meet and exceed this reputation through specific goals:


- provide customer satisfaction beyond the purchasing process, creating a long term relationship that makes BO.MA a true business partner rather than simply a supplier. 


 - reach the excellence in terms of the quality of both products and services, in all the markets, offering committed, innovative and practical solutions to satisfy the present and future needs of the customers.


 - follow strict and rigorous quality control processes to earn and maintain customer trust.


 - innovate the manufacturing processes and products through important investments in research and cutting-edge technology, to comply with and exceed the legal requirements.


- implement performance improvement plans, defining goals, examining indexes and following strict review and control processes.


Essential elements that determine BO.MA quality include, extensive industrial process monitoring, strict selection of the raw materials, and continuous advanced supplier assessment.


BO.MA takes global ethics very seriously, with regards to the relationship with the staff and external interlocutors, and to the environmental issues, thus implements good work practices.





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