Company Profile


The company


BO.MA is an Italian company  and in international reference point in the field of double sided adhesive tapes.


Specialised in adhesive products since the company was founded, BO.MA has gained decades of experience working both within international groups  and independently, and continues to excel for the high technical standards and the competence to develop new, original customised solutions.


BO.MA products are evermore widespread and well recognised in some 50 countries around the world, for their quality, their high level of innovation and flexibility in terms of applications, including a range of difference surfaces, conditions and uses.



Range of products



Choosing BO.MA entails having an ever evolving range of double  sided  adhesives, which includes more  than 100  types  of hot-melt,  solvent, and  water  based adhesive tapes suitable for industrial applications, such as in automotive, nautical, paper converting, packaging, photovoltaics, furniture manufacturing,  air Conditioning and refrigeration, and the DIY market.


BO.MA also offers a wide variety of monoadhesive products in vinyl for the visual communication sector, digital printing services, interior design, graphics for vehicles, signs, windows etc.


Production plants



BO.MA manufacturing operations are centred on two production plants in Villesse, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, covering an area of about 24,000 sq.m., with easy access to the main international road networks.



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